News Corp Australia has launched its Nathan’s driving academy in Melbourne.

Key points:Nathan’s Driving Academy is located at 561 Eastgate Drive, Melbourne and will be run by NN Academy CEO, Sam BoulterNathan will be mentored by the likes of Dr. David Wollenberg and Dr. Michael NaylorNathan has already attended a driving school and is an experienced driverThe academy has already attracted students from across Australia and will train up to 500 studentsAuckland University, Sydney University, Gold Coast University, Western Sydney University and the University of Sydney are also interested in recruiting students for their driving schoolsNathan is a leading researcher in the field of driver educationNathan said his drive school will have two to three students per classroom.

“The driving school is the most important part of the program,” he said.

Nathan admitted that the drive school has had a difficult start, but said that he has been inspired by the success of other driving schools.

“When you are at the start of your journey, the drive training is one of the hardest things you will do,” he told the ABC.

“It is a very demanding and demanding thing.

It is very much a learning experience, and the drive is the first thing you do after that.”

The academy will teach the fundamentals of driving including how to stop, brake, and negotiate traffic, but it will also teach the concepts of safe driving.

It will also include a practical course, which involves getting behind the wheel and testing your driving skills.

Nathan described driving as “the most important thing in life”.

“Driving is my passion,” he added.

The academy is set to open in September and it is expected to open a number of schools across Australia, including in Auckland, Sydney, Gold and Western Sydney.

More to come.