Nelson Driving school in Tamil Nadu has got its first year of enrolment in its first academic year.

The institute, founded by former IITs students, has been given a one-year lease at a state-run facility in Chennai.

The institute, which aims to promote the use of driverless technology, had been operating at its old premises in Bengaluru.

Its primary school in Pune had a similar lease arrangement.

The new facility in the city will accommodate a larger student body.

The facility is set to be inaugurated in the month of February.

“We are proud of the success of the first year.

It is the first of many initiatives in the coming months,” said Murali Vardhana, president, Nelson Driving Schools.”

It is a huge boost for the students,” said Anil Dhar, director of the institute.

The first year students of the school have enrolled over 1,000 people, which includes the first batch of the new school.

They will learn driving, driver safety, vehicle maintenance and basic skills like keeping the vehicle in a safe condition, said Dhar.

The school has also been working on improving the safety of the vehicle.

The school has been running for over 10 years.

The college, which is being managed by the state government, is a partnership between the State Board of Secondary Education (SBSE) and the National Institute of Driver Education (NIDE).

“We have over 200,000 students in our primary school, and we are looking forward to the new facility,” said Vardhar.

The Nelson DrivingSchool will be in a rented space on a ground floor of the College of Technology, University and Engineering (CTE).

It is one of the few non-profit driving schools in the state.

The Nelson Driving schools aim to give students access to driving-related technologies, as well as driver education and driving simulator training.

The driverless cars will be used in the driving test.

The driving school’s pilot project, which will be completed by April, is to assess driver behaviour, and provide a training course to the students.

The project was launched by the State government on November 26.