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Student Maricela Vazquez_Date: _12 /04 /12___________________

You are about to be on a journey through the The net www in search of knowledge that will assist you to gain experience in using the Internet to your advantage. There are many search engines out on the web for making our everyday lives less difficult. One of the most recognized search engines is....... (Reference file titled Internet Scavenger Quest Reference Linen for ways on certain laptop processes)

Download this kind of document to Microsoft expression before starting the scavenger hunt. See adjoining document named Internet Scavenger Hunt in downloading types of procedures and guide " HOW TO” procedures.

1) Go to and type What is the internet in the internet search engine. Record a brief answer in the space listed below

A trusted information program on the internet that provides services for paperwork to be attached to other papers by hypertext

2) Head to

com and click the IMAGE icon at the top of the screen. Type Happy Face in the Yahoo Image screen. Find a picture and copy/paste it into the space below. You may need to resize the image to slip in the space below.

3). Go to and click on MORE on the top icon. Click on ROADMAPS. Type the address below____________Lucas Oil Stadium, South Polish capitol Avenue, Indiana, IN

4) Click on discover directions inside the MAPS feature. Type in the address and map the directions from your home to Lucas Oil Arena. How long can it take one to get to Lucas Oil Stadium? How a large number of miles can it be? 6. 6th miles 18 minutes.

5) Go to and type in The Excel Middle in the search bar and make sure the location says Indianapolis. Record the treat and mobile phone # to the Decatur Exceed Center web page. 5125 Decatur Blud, Indiana, In 462241. (317)524-3700

Now type in Anderson, IN in the location. What is the address to the Anderson Excel Middle?

6) Go to...