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Meeting Requires for Self-Actualization

 Meeting Requires for Self-Actualization Essay Meeting Requires for Self-Actualization Essay

Getting together with Needs intended for Self-Actualization

Everyone has certain requirements that must be met in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. These demands are broken into three particular types which are physical, internal, and social needs. Abraham Maslow, an experienced in individual behavior, along with Carl Rogers utilized these three general types to develop a bigger hierarchy of human requires for self-actualization. Even though there exists discontentment or unending demands of a person, one's requirements must be satisfied in order for him or her to be happy. Persons whose requires were attained are particularly in good mental health but since a need fails to be attained then another effects might ensue. Self-actualization is a state that a person reaches in which he or she is encountering life in a way that allows for ideal growth to a better express of being. The overall concept found in the present study is most comparable to the two many popular ideas of home actualization provided by the humanistic psychologists Abraham Maslow (1968) and Carl Rogers (1961, 1980). Maslow viewed the self actualized person in two ways. Your husband will have recognized latent possibilities, talents and abilities as well as achieved a state of self-fulfillment. " Such people seem to be fulfilling themselves and to be doing the very best that they are in a position of doing. They can be people who have developed or are producing to the full size of which they can be capable" (Maslow, 1970, p. 150). Rogers had a related view to Maslow's of positive psychological functioning. The Rogerian look at is based on his interactions with individuals in psychotherapy and their positive functioning. Carl Rogers shied away from the term " home actualization", which in turn implies that a person has reached a fulfilled end state, and substituted for it the concept of the fully performing person. Roger's " completely functioning person" is not one who has come to a perfect end-state, rather person who had the liberty to fully experience and gain access to those conditions that nurture...