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Research Project C

Marketing and sales communications:

An examination of the mascot as one of its crucial successes

By simply

Narathip Sunkunakorn

Student number: 139407000

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David Roberts

Course: PSM4

Expression count: 1, 650 terms

Marketing Communications: A great examination of the mascot among its crucial successes In the commercial world, most of organisations' objectives are the income. To reach the point, organisations do their best to attract their customers by advertisement, promotion, direct selling, and connection. These kinds of actions are within the marketing research. According to McDaniel, Lamb and Frizzy hair (2013), " Marketing may be the activity, pair of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, providing, and changing offerings that have value for customers, clients, associates and society at large”. The activities or perhaps strategies of marketing which are used to interact with the buyer that known as " Advertising Communication”. This paper will explain the marketing connection and its equipment used and will also focus on the role of mascots in serving the marketing conversation strategy to encourage the organisations' products, services and their related activities.

However , the marketing communication, in accordance to Load (2006 & 2009), is a " supervision process” which will consist of 3 aspects. The first feature is the term ‘engage'. Coulson-Thomas (1991) suggests that it is hard to do a marketing strategy without an understanding of the communication process. Coulson-Thomas (1991) and Fill up (2009) speak about that there are numerous communications which can be used to engage with customers including one-way, two-way, and discussion communications. Coulson-Thomas (1991) concludes that the internet marketers should specify terms of communication between producer and consumer. This method is the core of marketing. With no it, organization would not preserve.

The other aspect worries the viewers for marketing communications. Marketing communications must be an audience-centered activity (Fill, 2006). Online marketers should have a simple knowledge of the behavior and needs in the target audience. With this basis it is easy to present and location brands to ensure audiences know the differences as well as the value of the trademark.

The last aspect is the phrase ‘response'. Complete (2009) declares that this means an end result of the communication process which include tangible and intangible or perhaps emotional answers. The concrete outcomes assume that the products or perhaps services can offer the followers and that they make use of marketing communications to help these groups in buying products. One way of accomplishing this is by using mascots which can be an agent of the firm. Mascots can inform buyers quickly that ‘this mascot means company x and brand x is y quality'. Intangible outcomes, moreover, are a sort of emotional a reaction to a interaction stimulus. For instance, Michelin tires are not only always bought because of the quality and price although also due to emotion and feeling because of their mascot ‘Bibendum' that displays the solid feeling for the shoppers and help these to make a decision (Cayla, 2013). Load (2006& 2009) concludes which the role of promoting communications is always to communicate followers and the responsibilities are to separate, support, and persuade audiences to consider, imagine or perhaps perform in a particular method.

Marketing communications incorporate a mix of 3 components which can be tools, mass media and emails (Fill, 2006& 2009 and Coulson-Thomas, 1991). Begin with the mixes of tools that can be used to contact a potential audience. There are five principle marketing communications tools: first of all, advertising can be described as non-formal file format of large scale communication, revenue promotion in whose purpose is always to speed sales. Secondly, general public relation (PR) is used to ascertain and maintain a relationship with stakeholders and in addition enhance the reputation of the company. Thirdly, sales campaign, the purpose should be to raise...

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