Baltimore, MD—Maryland’s Driving School of the Future, a private, for-profit school founded by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his wife, is opening its doors for bees.

The Maryland Driving School, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the science of driving and teaching driving skills, has been testing its vehicles for bee-friendly driving, a bee-safety initiative that began in 2011 and has seen significant success, the school announced on Monday.

Maryland Driving School President and CEO Mike O’Brien told Newsweek that the bee-safe program will be a “significant milestone for Maryland and the country.”

Maryland is a hotbed for bee concerns, with bee colonies and colonies of pollinators being found in all of the state’s counties.

A recent study by the University of Maryland, College Park found that the state is home to over 400 bee species, of which bees make up around 80 percent.

O’Brien said Maryland’s driving school is partnering with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to provide bee-free vehicles to test for bee safety.

Maryland has also been testing vehicles to help educate drivers and passengers about the importance of avoiding hive-pollinated vehicles.

While many bee-aware drivers have had to learn how to avoid hive-nesting vehicles, there is still an enormous number of bee-polluted vehicles in the U.S.

The Maryland School of Transportation and Engineering’s (MSOTE) Bee Safe Car program will also be testing vehicles for bees, according to O’Briens announcement.