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Brand Managing of Shandy Cola

 Brand Administration of Shandy Cola Composition Brand Administration of Shandy Cola Composition

Exec Summary

This kind of Consultancy Survey on company management of Shandy Coca-cola is prepared to address the branding complications of Shandy Cola. The report starts off with the project introduction leading to the more than view of organization's current Branding strategies and their practices. Our sequential process of brand audit is divided into two phases. (1) It begins with an indoor perspective from the organization regarding the brand through brand products on hand (2) Brand exploratory making use of the technique of in depth interviews was carried out targeting suppliers, retailers and consumers. On the basis of these results questionnaires were prepared pertaining to distributors, retailers and buyers. Modified questionnaires were employed for final review. The last area of the report handles the final tips for the brand management of Shandy Cola. Recommendations being the essence with the entire job efforts check out and talk about a variety of logos aspects and the strategies for Shandy Cola. The Project

This kind of MBA agency project has become offered by Shandy Cola Pakistan, located at 16 – Waris Highway, Lahore, Pakistan. The company is definitely represented simply by Mr. Ahmad Arif (Director Marketing) whom guided us for the project.


Shandy Cola Pakistan is actually a local drink production, marketing and distribution company. It has been providing for over 14 years in Punjab (Since 1995). The company intends to expand its market country wide. Shandy is equipped with latest completely automatic flower of worldwide standard.

Shandy Cola's Perspective

To be the impressive leaders in Thirst Quenching solutions, functioning globally.


To serve the consumers through our vision, improving quality, continuously employing latest technology and processes, joining up with stakeholders, operating throughout the world, with focus on micro markets at affordable price.


1 ) Developing Brand of Shandy-Cola -- fulfilling promise of providing Value for the consumer through: i....