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Rules: A Study in the Courts

 Law: Research of the Legal courts Essay Law: Research of the Legal courts Essay

п»їReginald Booker

13 October 2013



Mid-Term Assessment

Memorandum for the Governor of Indianapolis:

Dear Chief excutive Election,

It comes to my knowning that you can be familiar with the procedural finalizing of cases but unacquainted with the tasks within the state criminal justice system. Since Attorney Basic of Indiana I would like to get you up to speed with the roles and duties of the members in our judicial system. Indiana's constitution follows quite closely to our U. S constitution. In Indianapolis our felony courts consist of Court employees, Law Enforcement firms involved, Legal representatives, corrections, and the public.

Individuals involved in The courtroom personnel include the Judge; who also directs the court, decides what is adoptable and inadmissible, makes sure most laws are followed, although most importantly talk about their power with those also in the courtroom function group. Others included in the Court personnel are definitely the Law attendant who does many the research pertaining to the assess, Clerk from the court who keeps information, Court media reporter who records the procedures within the courtroom, secretary which usually helps the judge continue on schedule, ubersetzungsprogramm which explicates other languages to English, Court officer does almost all administrative function within the the courtroom, and the Docket clerk works on files, gives documents to attorneys and judges, and maintains pc records. What the law states enforcement firms involved are those that get to the crime and/or perform investigating for the offense. Those active in the courtroom would be the Security personnel which helps to protect court house, Sheriff's deputies which make sure prisoners happen to be transported properly to and from the courthouse. Lastly is the Bailiff which enforces order inside the court when the judge just isn't respected and also handles most if any evidence.

The Lawyers in the courtroom include the Prosecutor, who performs for the state in order to prosecute criminal situations. In some cases every time a defendant cannot afford an attorney one is have to all of them...