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Jefferson: Quintessentially Conflicted American

 Jefferson: Quintessentially Conflicted American Essay Jefferson: Quintessentially Conflicted American Essay

Jefferson: Essentially Conflicted American

Thomas Jefferson's beliefs post-Declaration as govt official/president had been very different to his values pre-Declaration while the leader in the small-government conservatives. This is essentially talking about philosophy before this individual gained a lot of political power and his beliefs after he obtained a large amount of personal power. I believe like this is morally wrong and that one should not have to change and or contradict their philosophy just because they is attaining power. As being a small time government official, Jefferson was a believer of strict-constructionism. He voiced his viewpoints against a strong centralized federal government and how the Constitution needs to be strictly used. However , as he gained a growing number of power and rose through the entire country's politics ranks, he began to confront his previous beliefs. You will discover two key examples of this. Example number 1 is the Louisiana Purchase. If perhaps Jefferson would still be following his beliefs of strict-constructionism, then your Louisiana Purchase would have hardly ever happened. However , he began to look at the Metabolic rate in a more loose way, not completely heading by the publication, which triggered the Jefferson Compromise. The Jefferson Compromise was Jones Jefferson placing aside his constitutional and moral values to purchase that large area of land in a transaction right now known as the Louisiana Purchase. The second major example of Jefferson's conflicting beliefs can be his slaves. Thomas Jefferson was often stating that " every men are created equal, ” however , Jefferson kept 200 slaves that he hardly ever set free of charge. Therefore , depending on these two major examples and how they performed out, I feel that Jefferson's contradictions are extremely problematic. If Thomas Jefferson was a good meet for large political electrical power in the first place, this individual shouldn't have had to change his views. I really believe Jefferson served then several popular political figures take action today: inform the people what exactly they want to hear in...