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Jean Piaget

 Jean Piaget Essay Jean Piaget Essay

" The principle objective of education in the universities should be creating men and women who are capable of performing new things, not merely repeating how many other generations have done; men and women who are imaginative, inventive and discovers, who are able to verify, and not accept, every thing they are presented. ' " Jean Piaget”. Jean Piaget was a swiss philosopher. He was born September 9, 1896 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He studied child thinking great parents had been Rebecca Jackson and Arthur Piaget.

In 1923, this individual married Valentines Châtenay; the couple experienced three kids, who Piaget did analyzed from childhood. From 1925 to 1929 Piaget was professor of psychology, sociology, and the beliefs of research at the College or university of Neuchatel In 1929, Jean Piaget accepted the post of Director of the International Bureau of Education and remained the head of the international organization until 1968. Every year, he drafted his " Director's Speeches" for the IBE Council as well as for the Worldwide Conference upon Public Education in which this individual explicitly resolved his educational credo. When Jean was ten years outdated, he had a fascination with mullets. He would usually go to a muesueum and be engaged for hours each time. During around this time in his early lifestyle he published a medical paper about albino sparrow while participating Latin Neuchatel High School. Once Jean was obviously a teen, his papers upon mollusks were being published. Readers of the documents really believed this teen boy was an expert, yet really was certainly not. In 1964, Piaget was invited to serve as chief consultant for two conferences at Cornell University (March 11–13) and University of California, Berkeley (March 16–18). The conferences addressed the partnership of intellectual studies and curriculum development and strived to conceive ramifications of new investigations of children's cognitive development for curricula.[Jean's Child Expansion theory realates to just how parents and teachers educate children nowadays. The parents and teacher should teach the...