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May be the Uk personal system democratic?

 Essay about Is the Uk political program democratic? Essay about Is the Uk political program democratic?

Is great britain political system democratic?

" A federal government of the persons, by the persons, for the folks. ” The word democracy originates from the Ancient greek language words " demos" meaning the people and " kratos" which means authority, or electricity. A democratic political method is one in which the ultimate personal authority is usually vested inside the people which means that all eligible citizens can participate evenly either immediately or through elected associates in the pitch, development, and creation of laws that could change and shape everyday activities. A democratic country should have an responsible government that serve the very best interests in the people it truly is governing. Great britain is a liberal democracy which will ensures that individuals should be able to influence governmental decisions made. The UK's government system does not contain written metabolic rate. This means that in theory the government have time to pass any legislation given that they have many in parliament which could be easily achieved if the party provides a large most seats. What this means is there is no secure for regulations that can be improved or new ones that could be created. This is very undemocratic because the government therefore have an excessive amount of power. The us government is also owning other powers such as the regal prerogative that permits the prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to go to battle without consent from parliament. An example of exactly where this was employed was the Korea war in 2003 which has been heavily resented by a huge majority of the general public. The most important point is that accurate democracy is participatory democracy, where the public are efficiently members from the government by simply voting on policies. However this is difficult to administer and as a result most modern democracies happen to be representative. The population chooses who also they wish to own power and trust the face to create policies which will benefit these people. A representative democracy can easily turn into an selected dictatorship in case the population's opinions are not...