Olympic roadmaster driving academy: What you need to know

Olympic roadmasters will be driving for the next six months on the same roads as the athletes, as they hone their skills on new routes and make their way through the grueling road tests to get into the Olympic road races.Olympic road masters will be racing on a different route from the road masters, but […]

What to do if you’re a passenger on a car that’s stopped at a red light, a cop says

DUSTIN, Texas — A driver who has just been pulled over by a traffic cop has a few things to think about when he pulls out his phone.Driver’s license: A red light at a yellow light or red light in a red zone can be a red flag.Police: The same can be said for a […]

When you need to save money and drive less, there’s a cheap driving academy in Dallas

There are thousands of drivers in Dallas and its surrounding areas.But for many, driving school is the only place to learn about how to drive.The city is one of the fastest-growing in the country, but only about 7 percent of drivers qualify for a spot in a driver training program. For the past few years, Dallas […]

The World’s Most Dangerous Driving School Is Still Open

The world’s most dangerous driving school is still open.A few years ago, we warned you that the U.K.’s National Driver Education (NDE) system, with a $1.3 billion budget, was failing, and we warned that the system had become too focused on driving and not enough on teaching drivers how to drive safely.Now, after years of […]

Australia’s safest driving school: A safe driver’s guide

The Wall St. Journal article BY MARK ROBINSON | December 30, 2018 7:03pmUpdated December 30th, 2018 10:02pmAustralia’s safest driver’s school is now an online learning platform.The Australian Driving School’s curriculum has been developed by the Australian Research Council, which is working with the Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).The program is the culmination […]

The safe driving program in Phoenix has been a hit

The safe driver program in the Phoenix area is a hit.In a new report, Phoenix-based Driving School says the program has been “phenomenal.”The company’s CEO said the program was a hit with its clients.Driving School is a Phoenix-area-based company that specializes in driving school and transportation safety.“I can honestly say the number one reason we’ve […]

GOP lawmaker asks Trump to intervene on DREAMers

A GOP lawmaker on Tuesday asked President Donald Trump to step in to stop a court ruling that could allow more than 300 DREAMer children from attending the federal school system in California.Lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee introduced the resolution in a procedural vote that also called for a hearing.“The administration should […]

How to Stop Driving in the Free World

Driving on the streets is an all-consuming chore.You’re constantly checking your phone, checking the weather, looking for a parking space.You’ve got to get to work.And then, as if it were a nightmare, you’re going to have to drive home.But not all the time.This is not a story about whether driving should be allowed, but about […]

How to drive safely in Dallas: The Cypress Driving School

Driving school Cypress, Texas, is not just a place for children to learn about driving.It’s also home to the first ever certified driving school in the United States, and a thriving, high-tech business.It has a network of instructors who train drivers from across the country, as well as local instructors and others who offer driver-assistance […]

How to get an Aplus Driving School licence

How to obtain an A+ driving school licence in Australia.The driving school’s website says: “We offer a range of courses that offer students and families an opportunity to take the A+ Driving School Pass and gain valuable skills and knowledge while learning practical skills and the skills required for the future.”This is a good news […]