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Introduction of the Report

 Introduction associated with an Report Composition Introduction associated with an Report Composition


1 . 1 Authorization

The report was commissioned by ministry of environment and water source. This statement was submitted on 23 October 2012. 1 . a couple of Purpose

The goal of this report is to investigate the attitude of respondents toward strength conservation. It is additionally to help govt to craft some ways of change all their attitude and able to know the skills of energy conservation. The report could make recommendations to assist to build some ideas. 1 ) 3 Scope

The target categories of this record are home and foreign students who have live in HDB flats. This report researches a few of likely areas for the review such as electric power bill, relatives income and some theory inquiries. Results taken by respondents were also analyzed. 1 ) 4 Background

The background of this report is Singaporean family members are depressing toward energy conservation. There are numerous people do not save strength nowadays. Besides, there are many people less matter about conserving energy. Those are the major reasons for accomplishing this report. 1 . 5 Method

There are two types of data series which are primary resource and secondary useful resource. This survey has employing questionnaires like a primary useful resource. There are two sorts of concerns for the questionnaires which report has using closed ended questions to do survey. Binary issue, checklist, and multiple alternatives were opting for as the strategy for this survey. The questionnaires were issued to 20 respondents. In addition , this report even offers using net as a second resource. Internet was employing for information exploration. It was looking for the background and problem of one's conservation currently, feedback via public, and also some sources for this case by using net. 1 . 6th Limitations

This report was limited to the answers and opinions through the respondents. When there is a theory question, a number of the respondents provided some perfunctory answers. For the people answers, these were hard to do analyzing. Lacking of...