Driver education is getting more intense, with a new pilot program that requires drivers to attend driving school.

Uber has partnered with Driving School USA, a nonprofit organization that trains thousands of new drivers annually.

And Uber is launching a program in the U.K. that will allow new drivers to take their Uber test online.

The program is available for UberX, UberXL and other drivers who sign up through Uber’s new Driver Education website, and includes a three-week training course that starts in May.

Uber is also testing an online program in which drivers sign up for the training and take their tests through the company’s app.

The company is also rolling out a new online test for drivers in Canada.

Read moreUber’s pilot program is designed to ensure that new drivers understand and use the platform safely, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement.

The pilot program will help drivers learn the basics of driving for Uber, including the importance of knowing your rights and responsibilities, including when and how to use seat belts, according to the company.

The new training program will run for three weeks.

The training course is free and will be available in a “limited capacity” in the coming weeks, Kalanicks said.

The test is designed specifically for drivers who may not be used to the new way of operating, he added.

Kalanicky said the company hopes the program will give drivers an understanding of the technology and the benefits of Uber’s service.

Drivers can sign up on the company website.

Uber will also roll out a free online driver test that takes place in the United Kingdom.

The testing will be similar to the program in Canada, where drivers are expected to take the test on their own.

Uber’s Driver Education program has been a hot topic on the ride-hailing app, with critics arguing that it unfairly penalizes drivers who don’t take the time to learn how to drive and test drive.

Uber had promised to give drivers access to a more hands-on training course before the pilot program, but it has not yet delivered.

Uber drivers are allowed to use their own cars for personal transportation if they have a valid driver license.

Uber said it will work with Driving Schools USA to ensure the program is “consistent and efficient.”