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 Infosoft Composition Infosoft Composition

With this essay all of us will present the method and the results of examining the values of InfoSoft Systems sh. a.! Old back to Code of Hammurabi 1some 5, 000 yrs ago, business integrity is a cultural science, in whose main goal is to determine and look at the responsibilities of businesses and their agents as an element of the general meaning environment of a given world.  The outcome of this scientific research are pieces of rules and unique codes of conducts, which function as means to protect the society from the likely infringements of moral codes because of this from the basic activities and responsibilities of a firm to its stakeholders.

We all made a request to InfoSoft Business for a appointment in order to perform our research. Normally it is difficult to reserve a meeting to get research functions without being an investigation company. Even so since Anea was a former employee of the company, we had it better to arrange the meeting. InfoSoft appointed Human Resources representative Daniela Ndreu to be at the disposal.

We started out with a tour around the organization where we could see ourself how the firm looked like from inside, the working circumstances and the motivation of the employees to help the costumers. From then on we advancing Mrs. Ndreu office exactly where first she made a shorter presentation about the company, and after that gladly clarified our concerns. Apparently that they treat every single costumer in a unique approach, based on their demands and asks for. We could notice it ourselves how a interaction employee-costumer was very important for the business. They also considered serving the client all their biggest social responsibility. " Leaving aside our responsibility to respond the demand of a lot of clients by offering them the very best service they will have, I have to mention that InfoSoft Systems has its own business model. A self-regulated mechanism where all its activity relies on the spirit of the law and international norms, and also ethical standards. ”- Mrs. Ndreu said.

Therefore in other words, all of us come in the first...