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HSC 2008 Present Support Intended for Journeys

 HSC 08 Provide Support For Journeys Essay HSC 08 Provide Support For Journeys Essay

HSC 2008 Present Support For Journeys

you – Appreciate factors to consider when planning support to get journeys

1 ) 1 Describe different aspects and factors to consider when planning a quest

Aspects and factors to consider preparing journeys incorporate; anything that the person may need my spouse and i. e. finances, medication , ratio of personnel and how the journey will probably develop, the end result of the trip and virtually any health and protection factors that may be relevant to the journey.

1 . 2Describe several risks that may arise and ways to reduce these

Risk assessments will be completed on initial planning to include accidents that may happen, people acquiring ill, persons losing perception of direction in significant crowds and reviewing proper care plans that would/could maintain place for any activities. Methods to minimize these include making sure staff are first aid trained and take a first aid kit with them, monitoring significant landmarks and choosing mobile phones and being aware of payphone locations, as well as pre-planning the journey for making your selves aware of neighborhood pharmacy, hostipal wards and emergency services as well as emergency contact information.

1 . 3Describe different types of conversation technology that may support planning and making journeys securely

Some conversation technology that may support preparing and producing journeys safely include the use of maps/ GPS and computers to plan journeys in advance as well as tour bus timetables branded out to make use of whilst generally there. These may help the individual to realize and consider any cable connections of chartering etc . I might also describe any alternative travel and leisure options available to them in the event the one they may have chosen can be brought to a standstill due to open public transport etc . not being available.

2- Be able to support visitors to plan journeys

2 . 3Support the individual to build up a plan to get a journey that promotes energetic participation and reflects arranged ways of working To be able to support an...