tampa, Fla.

— The owners of a school that teaches driving instruction and teaches drivers are taking the Florida Supreme Court’s latest decision on charter schools to task.

The Florida Supreme court’s latest ruling overturns a Florida judge’s decision to halt the charter schools.

The schools are currently operating in Hillsborough County, but the ruling does not require the state to take the charter school under a different name.

The charter schools, which offer drivers education, also offer drivers courses.

In the ruling, the state Supreme Court noted that the law did not require schools to change their names or address.

That means that Hillsborough is not legally required to comply with the law, the court said.

The court said Hillsborough was a legal entity and that Hillsboro County, which is a state entity, was the proper county to issue the name and address.

It said Hillsboro has jurisdiction over Hillsborough, the district in Hillsboro and the county seat.

“In sum, the fact that Hillsville County, the governing body of Hillsborough county, has the authority to adopt and change its name does not diminish the authority of Hillsville to adopt a new name that will conform to the purposes of this Act,” the court wrote.

The ruling does require Hillsborough to get approval from the Hillsborough School Board before changing its name.

Hillsborough schools have been operating in the county since 2006.