The Cedeno school in southwest Georgia is offering a $1,000 cash scholarship to anyone who can drive an actual car, or who knows someone who can.

The school, which operates out of a former church and church-owned farmhouse, was established by Ed and Nancy O’Brien to help people learn how to drive safely.

Ed O’Briens son, David, drove the school’s first vehicle to a national competition in 2007.

“I remember it was a Ford Expedition, and my dad would go to work at the office and my mom would take me to school and teach me,” David O’Dell told NBC News.

“The car was just for fun.

And it just happened to have a car engine.”

O’Dells son is now a teacher at the school, and he has been involved with the driving school since its inception.

He said he was excited when he first heard about the scholarship, and that he is grateful to the O’Brains for helping to build it.

“It’s a big deal for our community, it’s a huge deal for the school,” David said.

“That car, it is what it is.

It’s a symbol of how hard you’ve worked.

It symbolizes that we’re going to keep working and keep pushing ourselves.”

David and Ed O’trells son has been driving for the Cedeno driving academy since 2005, when he was in middle school.

The car is still there, but the O’s are putting it up for auction and selling it off on the auction block.

The car is now in a private collection.

David O’Donnell said he has heard that many people are looking to buy the car for the first time.

“The people that want to buy it, they don’t know what it was used for,” he said.

“I have a lot of people come in and ask me what they should do to get a better understanding of the car.

They ask, ‘How much did it cost?

How much did you spend?

How long did it last?'”

David said he knows he’ll need to learn how the car works to drive it properly.

“To do it properly, you need to know the basics,” he explained.

“You have to be able to read the gauges and you have to have good braking and you need a good fuel economy.

If you don’t have that, you can’t drive the car safely.”

Ed O’Connors son David O’dell drove the first vehicle at the 2008 national competition.

He said it’s not just about the money, but also the experience.

“This is a way for me to learn a little bit more about myself, about driving,” David explained.

“When I drive a car, you don`t see the driver in the passenger seat.

The driver is always in the back seat.

So this is the way that I can learn to drive the vehicle safely.”

David said the car is a bit like a small toy car.

It`s made of wood and metal and is designed to be used for fun.

“David is one of a growing number of people looking to purchase and learn to operate the school`s first vehicle.

David said he plans to continue to drive, learn more about the school and get the car back to him and his wife.”

And I`m going to be proud to drive that car in a few months.”