The new car that you’re buying is not your best choice, but you can use a simple trick to make it more of a viable choice.

Sam’s Driving School has now launched a Sam’s Driving College, with the aim of providing an alternative to buying a car from an established brand.

Sam’s, which is based in Sydney, Australia, is a car insurance and insurance business that offers a range of vehicle options for car buyers, with a focus on offering an affordable car.

Sam is also now offering a Sam Driver Training course, which will provide a practical vehicle and driving skills course that will teach you how to take care of yourself in a variety of different ways.

It is one of a growing number of car-training companies that are using the internet to train customers.

This is an important step as many car-safety and driving lessons are not being taught through video and the internet.

This means that many people will not have the training they need to take control of their car safely, or that they can be confident driving it safely.

“The more we can help people understand the car and the vehicle’s capabilities, the better off we all are,” said Sam’s managing director, Peter Smith.

“If we don’t teach it properly, it’s not just the person that can’t drive safely, it affects everyone around them.”

To get your Sam’s driving school to support your new car, sign up for Sam’s Driver Training Course and then create an account.

You can find out more about the Sam’s course and how to enrol yourself at www.sam’

You will need a valid email address and password.

To take part in the course, simply go to the Sam Driver Course website, register, and then take part.