A college student can save $1,000 by buying her or his own driving school class online and using credit cards, a new study says.

Read moreRead MoreThe study, published by CreditSights, found students from low-income families who attend college could save as much as $1.6 million by purchasing online classes.

The cost of the courses, which can range from $20 to $50, can vary depending on the company offering them.

For example, a study of the cost of a class for a first-year college student at a private university in California, which charges $20,000 for a one-on-one driving class, found that the students could save $2,000 if they paid with a credit card.

Another study, which included college students in Minnesota, found those who attended a one on one driving class could save up to $1 million if they used a credit union debit card.

However, the study found that most students will be unable to complete the courses in their lifetime.

The findings come as many companies are looking to tap into the digital world to offer cheap driving classes.

Earlier this month, Google introduced a new online driving course, offering a new class for those who are interested in becoming a driver.

Read MoreA group of students at a nearby community college in Florida also said they had been offered a class that could be purchased for $1 a day for three weeks, a cost of $100, with a student-to-student ratio of 100:1.

They said that the online course is ideal for people who do not have credit cards.

A study published last year found that college students were spending up to 30% of their discretionary income on driving expenses, with those spending most on gas.