Kerala, India — How to get an auto licence in the State of Kerala, which has been hailed as the “Uber of India” has become the latest destination to launch its first-ever car licence online.

The state government on Monday launched a new vehicle registration application online.

The application process has been launched in partnership with the National Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (NDVLA) and other government agencies, including the National Vehicle Identification Authority of India (NVIIA).

The NVIIA will be responsible for issuing the licence.

The Kerala government said that the state will start issuing auto licences in April.

The new online system will allow drivers to get licenses and obtain certificates of registration, including a driving license.

The NVRL said that it has already conducted two pilot tests of its online system in Kollam and Pappavattinam, the two cities which are part of Kerala.

The online system is the first of its kind in the country, and is being tested in the two major cities.

The NDVLA said it has received a call from an operator who has been driving in the city for three months.

The operator, who does not want to be identified, has driven for a few hours in Kallam and a couple of days in Pappajatnam.

The operators driving experience is a good one, he said.