Posted June 03, 2018 13:11:16 Driving school graduates are among those to have taken a significant leap forward from the previous generation, according to a survey of Australians’ driving experience by the Australian National University.

Key points:The survey, which was conducted among more than 2,200 drivers in May and June, showed a big shift in attitudes to driving from last year, which saw a marked drop in the number of drivers surveyed who said they had ever driven a carSource: ANU researchThe survey also found that about 20 per cent of those surveyed had driven a commercial car for at least a year.

The majority of the survey respondents, 62 per cent, said they would not be comfortable driving a commercial vehicle for the next 10 years, the ANU said.

“It’s a significant change,” said Professor David Sainsbury, an associate professor of automotive management at the ANUP and lead author of the study.

“A lot of people have a different view of driving as an activity than they did when they were younger, so it’s really important to understand how they view it.”

The survey was conducted between May and the end of June, and included about 2,300 people, including 2,250 students and 1,800 professionals.

The most common reasons respondents gave for not wanting to drive a commercial driver included:They were not confident in driving or confident they would be safe in their own carSource for this story: Australian Financial PressTopics:business-economics-and-finance,economics,education,education-industry,law-crime-and‑justice,government-and/or-politics,government_and-politics-and_federal-politics