In a mall full of busy pedestrians, you need to keep an eye out for distracted drivers.

If they are in a car with you, you can expect to be distracted too.

Here are some tips for when you’re in a mall: Be alert to people’s eyes, and pay attention to their behaviour.

Watch out for the flashing lights in the mall, and be prepared to slow down for pedestrians.

If someone suddenly turns on the lights, it’s time to brake and move quickly to avoid getting run over by the other car.

Never get in a driver’s seat if you’re distracted by a person in the car.

When you are not driving, don’t try to overtake anyone.

Watch the driver’s license for your own safety.

If a person is speeding, stop at a stop sign, but keep your speed down.

Don’t try and overtake people when they’re slowing down for you.

If you’re passing someone, remember to slow to a safe stop.

Always remember to get out of your car and get into a parking space before anyone can get out.

You can still be distracted, but you’ll be less likely to get hit.

Be alert when parking.

When parking, pay attention and pay close attention to the people in the parking lot.

Make sure you have a clear view of the parking space and can see the person in front of you.

You need to be able to see who is in front.

Never stop at any sign.

You must not park on any part of the street that is not marked clearly.

You should never park on the side of the road where the road intersects with a private road or driveway.

Never park in the middle of a parking lot, or on the sidewalk, even if it’s legal.

You don’t need to park in a busy parking lot because it’s not a public area.

If there are people in your car, you should always park in your driveway.

Parking at the curb is okay too, but always pay attention.