Driving school Cypress, Texas, is not just a place for children to learn about driving.

It’s also home to the first ever certified driving school in the United States, and a thriving, high-tech business.

It has a network of instructors who train drivers from across the country, as well as local instructors and others who offer driver-assistance services.

But one of the more unusual aspects of the Cypress driving school is its founder, Dallas driving school founder and professor, Dan Hensley.

Hensleys is the son of a former president of the Dallas driving club, and his father is a former chief of police in Dallas.

Hausley’s father, former city police chief Bill Hausleys, was convicted of murder and rape in 1994 for killing his wife, Kathy.

Dan Hausleys driving school began in 2004 as an initiative to improve the safety of drivers in Dallas and surrounding communities.

Huesley says his father wanted to provide training to drivers who would be responsible for accidents, so the idea of an all-day school started in 2008.

Housley started by recruiting a driver for the school, but after a year of research, he decided to open a full-time school.

The school was set up as a “drive-in” location, meaning that it would only accept drivers who had already passed a series of driving test and driving-test certification courses.

The driving school had its first class in August 2011, and Hensleys students are now teaching more than 100 students every day, many of whom have had to pass an accelerated driving test.

The course is designed to give the students basic knowledge about the laws and rules of the road, and to teach them to be aware of their surroundings and the traffic around them.

In order to get certified as a driving school instructor, drivers must complete a series a series.

The first step is to complete a written test and pass it on a test-taking form, then pass another written test, which can take up to a month, and pass a driving test which can be up to eight hours.

A driving test takes place once a week, with the drivers given a short break after each test.

After passing the driving test, drivers are given a test to pass on the driving simulator, where they must complete five practice tests before being allowed to drive on the streets.

The simulator allows drivers to practice driving without using the phone or a helmet, and also allows them to drive with headphones.

Each student in the program is given a phone number to call and receive an email alert when a student passes a test.

Hinsley says the driving school aims to provide the most comprehensive training possible to its students.

“We are in the business of helping people learn to drive.

We don’t want to teach people how to get into a car, how to start a car,” Hensys said.

Driving School graduates have been driving for more than 20 years.

“There is no way you can go into a traffic accident and drive yourself to the hospital without the assistance of a trained professional,” Hausly said.

He added that the driving instructor program is different than the training drivers get from insurance companies, where the students receive insurance through their employer.

Hartsley said he wants the driving class to be a way for drivers to keep their license and registration up to date, and he also wants to provide students with the skills they need to be successful drivers.

Driving school graduates have a lot of experience in the industry, but Hensles experience includes being the founder of the driving club for years, and having his father arrested and convicted for murder in 1994.

“It’s a big challenge.

There’s a lot more training than there are driving lessons,” Hlesley said.

The new driving school also aims to educate drivers on other topics, like how to deal with the weather.

“I like to be able to give them something to think about as they drive and as they’re in traffic,” Haysley said of his new school.