More than 50 million people around the world have learned how to drive cars using a free driving school in the United States, but one school in New Zealand has decided to go one step further and give all the money raised to help the needy.

More than a million people have signed up to the Century Driving School in Auckland, New Zealand, which is a “dedicated driving school” that helps people learn to drive, and is now one of the top drivers in the world.

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In the US, the driving school is called Driving School 2.0 and is designed for those who have already taken part in the driving lessons.

The driving school has a dedicated car for every child and every car, with a car designed for every person.

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“We want to help make cars more accessible and more affordable,” said Dr Stephen O’Leary, founder and CEO of Driving School.

“A lot of young people are struggling to get the basics right, and we wanted to help them make a little bit of a start on getting to where they need to go in the future.”

The driving school’s cars are customized with high-tech systems to make it more difficult for children to pass through, which makes it more dangerous for them to drive.

O’Leary said the school aims to raise as much money as possible for the charity that operates it, which includes a new, affordable car and a car rental service for families with children.

The charity is currently running a competition to find the ideal car for students to use.

The school’s website says it offers “dedicating driving lessons to those who need them most” and provides a way to get behind the wheel.

“The school is dedicated to giving all the drivers in New Zeland a car that will suit them and their needs,” the website reads.

“To help families with little ones and adults in their late teens and early twenties get on the road and start their own career, the school offers drivers a car, a rental car or a coach to ride to school, to shop, to the office or anywhere else they need it.”

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It will cost $10,000 to rent for five days, while the school’s rental car will cost the same.

The driving schools are not the only charity driving schools in New South Wales, with the state also having a driving school.

The State Government has also set up the National Driving School, which trains drivers for NSW Police.

The National Driving Schools program was launched in 2018 and was expanded in 2020.

“It’s a very significant funding boost for the NSW Police’s Driving School Program, which has been operating for over 50 years and is an amazing service,” Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark O’Keefe said.

“Our driving schools have a proven track record of providing safe, affordable and accessible education and it is vital that we keep supporting this program and supporting the drivers.”

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The NSW Government said in a statement it had been working with the State Police for over a decade to ensure the safety of its drivers.

“These schools provide high quality instruction, provide a safe and secure environment for all participants and provide support for those with physical or mental disabilities,” the statement read.