By Robert Roberts Brentwood Driving School (BLS) students and parents will soon have access to the same training offered by the federal government’s Driving Schools program. 

BLS officials say the school is the only private driver education program in the country, and it has been in the news recently after Brentwood’s teachers were fired and some students who had received training received termination letters. 

“The BLS is committed to the educational opportunities of our students and our families,” said the BLS in a statement. 

The BSA says it will open a driver training center in Brentwood starting in the fall. 

It will provide drivers with training in driving fundamentals, safe driving, safety-critical maneuvers and driving with children, the statement says. 

But the BSA is still offering some training for teachers and other personnel. 

Some BLS teachers will receive a training package including the Driver Safety Course, which is taught by an instructor who will provide instruction on how to handle traffic and traffic lights. 

And the BLS will be providing training to teachers to ensure they are prepared to work with children and students, including handling children and the classroom. 

A new Driver Education and Training Program will be available for the entire state of Texas, Texas Department of Education spokeswoman Amy Pendergast said in a statement. 

More than 100,000 children in Texas are enrolled in the BLCD program, which began in December of 2016. 

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