Aplus is a leading driving school and its graduates are a big part of the reason why the UK has become the top place in the world to study driving.

But how can you get better?

Read moreAplus is the world’s leading driving academy and its UK graduates are now one of the fastest growing driving professions in the country.

The UK has one of highest levels of driverless car ownership, with nearly 4.3 million drivers in the UK and a population of more than 21 million.

Aplus has seen an explosion in its number of graduates and is also one of Britain’s most profitable companies.

It has also seen huge success in Europe, having opened a new campus in Zurich in 2018.

But aplus is not just about driving: Aplus also helps other graduates develop skills to tackle global challenges such as the rise of autonomous vehicles and climate change.

It is a unique place, says John O’Connell, Aplus’ director of learning and mentoring.

“It’s very much about learning to be an entrepreneur, to be creative, to think outside the box, and I think that’s what’s really special about this place.

We don’t teach everything we learn at Aplus, but what we do do is take the knowledge we do have and use it to help create a future for our students.”

The school has two locations: one in Cambridge, in the heart of the city, and another in the East Midlands.

It operates from its headquarters in Cambridge with an annual turnover of £50m.

It was founded in 1867 and has a long history.

The academy is the brainchild of the Aplus founders, Sir Roger LeBlanc and Sir Arthur Cudworth, and was started by the pair in the late 1960s.

LeBlann and Cudwas said they wanted to create a new type of learning, with more focused learning aimed at people who wanted to learn more about a particular field.

The pair said their vision was to offer a better understanding of the world, and not just to teach the basics of driving, but to also explore the wider world.

“We really want to do something different to how people do things in a university setting and to create an environment that is not focused on the same thing,” LeBlanas told me.

“What we wanted to do was give people the opportunity to think about how they could make a difference in the lives of people around the world.”

Aplus has been around since 1859 and has been recognised by the Queen for its work on the road.

A plus is not merely about driving but also has a much wider scope.

“We do our best to teach things in other disciplines as well,” said O’Connor.

“Aplus can teach a lot about how to do things from a business perspective or the business world, but beyond that, we really think of Aplus as a learning institution.”

When you go to university, you learn a lot of things from what is in your textbook and the textbooks are written in a specific way, so we want to take that into our learning.

“Our focus is not on the classroom, but rather on the whole world and the world in general.”

This is an edited extract from the book, The Aplus Way: How to Learn and Mentor the Next Generation of Drivers, published by Harper Collins.

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