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How Significant Factors Can alter People's Opinions

 How Significant Factors Can alter People’s Views Essay How Significant Factors Can alter People’s Views Essay

Xiaoran Tune

Professor Stern

AcEng 20B

March 18 2014

How Significant Elements Can Change Peoples' Opinions

The essay" In the Jungle” tells a story of a woman who will be used to works under high pressure and requires a journey for the Ecuadorian Jungle, and near to the Napo Riv she finds out that she's no longer pressured and despondent anymore. The peaceful environment changes her completely. This example reveals how the physical environment may affect people mentally. The Composition " The Animal Rites” tells a story of a woman who activities a endure by an accident, and the girl realizes that where the girl with living right now, the country utilized to be the house of the bear. This truth shocks her and she starts to wonder whether the girl with the one that has taken the bear's house away from this. This model shows how physical environment can affect persons emotionally. Besides these, environmental surroundings can change people physically as well. There are some key changes We experienced after I came to the U. H by the way I dressed, just how I talked or cured people actually my regular schedule. The physical environment and humans change each other. When people enter a new environment that they have hardly ever been in, they shall be affected, or perhaps changed physically, emotionally and mentally at different levels because people will have different reactions when they encounter different environments, and that is why they change.

The physical environment can affect persons emotionally since different conditions can change someones attitude about one specific thing or maybe the point of view of the identical situation. Dillard describes her journey inside the jungle incredibly specifically. After she gets to her vacation spot, she understands how tranquil and amazing that place is, " Each breath of nighttime smelled fairly sweet, more moistened and lovely than virtually any kitchen, or garden, or perhaps cradle”(37). This quote shows she locates the jungle is much better compared to the place the girl used to live. Nothing may compare to the smell of nature, not even her high-priced daily...