NEW YORK — The online driving course provider Uber is adding another state to its list of destinations to get online drivers license, a move that may help boost the number of young adults in the industry.

Uber says it will now allow for online driving courses for people who are 18 or older and live in the U.S. and Canada.

The company is also working on expanding the state to include other countries and states.

The goal is to bring online driving training to more places.

The company’s move comes after several states including Florida, Nevada, and California passed legislation that would allow drivers to apply for licenses.

The move to offer online driving classes is part of Uber’s effort to expand into other states.

Uber has about 40,000 drivers worldwide, but only around 10,000 are enrolled in its own online driver program in Florida.

The Florida program will open in July.

Uber says the company is looking for more states to allow online driving.

It says the new state will be open by January 2019.

Uber has been testing online driving in some states for about three years, but the company says its focus is on the U, not the U-Haul truck.