I had been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember.

I was a teenager with a passion for cars, a love of the city, and an obsession with the perfect car.

Then, at a few years old, my mother gave me the first real glimpse of a car: a 1969 Toyota Supra.

“My first thought was, ‘This is going to be a dream come true,'” she said.

I grew up with a lot of expectations.

I expected a car that would drive itself, drive me around, and get me where I wanted to go.

Instead, it drove me to the gym, to a movie theater, and the grocery store.

When I got out of high school, I moved to New York and got my first job as a driver for the New York City Transit Authority.

It was an exciting time for me, and I was able to pursue a passion I’d always had: being an accomplished driver.

When it came to my career, I knew it would be my last.

As I was preparing for the job, I read up on how the driving industry was evolving.

I wanted more than the average driver’s license to give me a job that was exciting and fulfilling.

At the same time, I wanted the freedom to take care of my family and my future without having to worry about finances or the economy.

I worked hard at my job and learned a lot about driving.

I realized I had a passion.

I had to find a way to express it.

My first step was to get out of the car.

In 2002, I started my career as a driving instructor.

Today, I teach drivers how to drive and the basics of the industry, including insurance and commercial driving.

Today my goal is to teach people how to be safe, secure, and successful drivers.

What makes me unique today is that I also teach a driver’s education course called Driving Lessons, which is free to all drivers and allows you to learn about all aspects of driving including: road rules, car maintenance, accident prevention, and insurance.

In my new role, I work closely with many students, including a young woman who has completed my first driving lessons, and a man who has just finished my first commercial driving lessons.

I also work with a few other people who are learning how to do what I did in my career.

I like to work with young people who may not know the history of the driving profession, but have a passion and love of driving.

The goal is for them to be successful in the industry.

Driving Lessons teaches people everything they need to know about the industry so that they can drive safely and effectively.

My students are very motivated.

They’ve made it through three years of driving lessons and are now able to take their first step toward becoming a professional driver.

There’s a lot more I want to learn, but I’m excited to share this story with you today.

My daughter, Jessica, and her husband, Ryan, who also teaches driving lessons for the MTA, are the proud parents of three beautiful children.

One of them is a fourth grader.

My other two children, Sophia and Chloe, are both college students.

The oldest is a freshman at a university in Ohio.

As my daughter grows older, I want her to be able to go on to college, study business, and earn a college degree.

For Jessica and Ryan, the goal is not just for their daughters to be as successful as their father, but also to help others to become successful.

We want our children to be ready to be in the car to protect and serve others, and we want them to have a future that will make them proud.

I hope you will join us to learn more about how to learn to drive, get the right insurance, and find the right job to pursue.

Driving lessons is available to all, regardless of age or background.

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