OKLAHOMA CITY—On a cool spring morning last year, Josh Millers, a 23-year-old student at the Oklahoma Driving School, was in the middle of his final driving test, preparing for a graduation ceremony when he noticed a sign that read “Oklahoma Driving School.”

It was the first thing that came to mind when he recalled driving with a friend on his school trip.

But the news was a little different this time.

“When we were driving to the ceremony, we saw a billboard on the highway, and we saw the Oklahoma School logo, and it was really cool,” he said.

“We were all excited to go to this new school that was based in Oklahoma City, and now it was going to be all about driving.”

After graduating, Millers took his test and took it very seriously.

His friend, Aaron Dyer, and Millers’ friend, Ben, went with them, and they went back to their hotel, where Millers spent the next week doing everything they could to prepare.

They drove to Oklahoma City and took the test there, and then headed to the University of Oklahoma.

Millers and his friends also did a driving class in Oklahoma.

The experience was a major boost to his confidence, and he says he learned a lot from the experience.

“I learned a little bit about myself, a little about driving,” he says.

“It was a big deal to have that experience in Oklahoma, because it gave me confidence to drive on a more serious level, and I’ve learned a ton from that.”

The experience helped him get a driver’s license, and the school became one of the first places in the United States to offer a driving program.

“The biggest thing that we had to do to really get it going was to hire the right people to work there,” Millers says.

The school has grown quickly since its founding, and is now in a new building on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.

Now, Millies says, it has more than 60 full-time instructors, and that he has had to hire his own drivers.

The college also has two other driving schools, and its graduates are in private practice.

“My students are really the backbone of the school,” he explains.

“If we weren’t getting students from around the country, it would not be the same.”

A few years ago, the college opened its doors to students in all 50 states, and today, the school is the biggest private driving school in the country.

The Oklahoma Driving Academy is now part of the United Way of Oklahoma, and students can sign up to be certified to drive for the organization for a fee.

In 2017, the driving school had about 4,000 students, and about 60 of them graduated from its program.

The program was so successful that it was also expanded to other states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.

For Millers (he has a master’s degree in finance), the school’s success has meant a new opportunity to pursue other passions: “When I was at the driving academy, I was a teacher, and when I left, I wanted to be a businessperson, so that’s why I’m here,” he adds.

The driving school also offers private lessons, which can be as much as $300 per hour.

Millies’ experience with the school was so rewarding that he ended up starting his own business, and has now worked as a trainer, helping to guide other aspiring drivers to pursue their dream of driving.

The Oklahoman reports that Millers is currently in talks to join the coaching staff of a driving-school in Ohio, where he plans to teach his students to teach their own lessons.

Miller and his friend Aaron Dyers are currently completing their master’s in finance and working to launch a driving business.

“This is a way to bring people into the business side of things, because we’ve seen the students that have been doing it for so long,” Millies explains.

He hopes that the lessons he has taught at the school will help other students find opportunities.

“One thing that I really want to do is help people to get a little more comfortable in their own business,” he continues.

“A lot of people don’t have that confidence, they just don’t know how to do that, and you have to show them that they can do it.

That’s the dream of any entrepreneur.”

Oklahoma driving schools and driving training programs can be a great option for students to start their own businesses.

But there are many costs associated with the process, and many students have to make some sacrifices in order to afford the training.

“Getting paid to drive is really expensive, and there are a lot of other costs associated there,” said Andrew Miller, the owner of Oklahomans Driving School.

Miller and his wife, Erin, recently bought a house in their hometown of Oklahoma Springs, where they hope to open a driving academy.