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Ethical Concerns in the Workplace

 Ethical Issues in the Workplace Article Ethical Issues in the Workplace Article

Rhiannon Haskin

Tiffany Fisher


twenty-two July 2010

Ethical Place of work Dilemma

After i think about it, I've encountered different ethical dilemmas in my work environment. One issue that has come up recently, is that of one of my workers came to me personally to discuss a hygiene concern she was having with one of the other staff in the office. At the moment, I had not been sure about how exactly to way the situation, although thought back to some of my own management teaching I had regarding 7 a few months ago, and what actions I should decide to try address the matter in the best as well as respectful manner. If I were to look at it from an ethical perspective, and that of any utilitarian view, I would write that the honest action is the structure provides the many good or perhaps does the least harm, or, to put that another way, makes the greatest stability of good more than harm. The ethical corporate action, after that, is the one that produces the greatest great and does the smallest amount of harm for all those who happen to be affected-customers, personnel, shareholders, the community, and the environment. The functional approach deals with consequences; it tries the two to increase the great done and reduce the harm done.

Therefore , with that considered, I appear back onto it now, and realize that this is actually the approach My spouse and i used when dealing with this type of situation. The things i did, was I drawn the dude that had been complained about, and pulled her into my office similar day the complaint was performed. When your woman came into my office, I immediately comprehended what the individual who brought up what he claims was speaking about, because I can smell her as soon as she walked in to my office. It had not been just any kind of smell although, it was a really distinct smell of weed and alcohol, amongst different slight health issues, yet those were the two that concerned me personally the most. Therefore , I initially asked her if the lady knew how come I had named her in to my office, and the girl replied that she don't. I then mentioned something about there are people...