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Central Condition University of Agriculture

University of Expansion Education

Computer system science Senior high school of Bicolandia

San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur



Ms. Elvie S. Racasag

(Technical Writing teacher)

Joedy Mae B. Mangampo

II- Protocol

Attention Lines

In formal correspondence, this can be a line of text message denoting the intended person within an firm. In a business letter, it will always be positioned above the salutation.

Advice when Using INTEREST LINES

Type the name of the person to whom you're sending the letter. In the event you type the person's name in the Inside Treat, skip this kind of. Do the same on the envelope.

Since a great Attention line is used, a suitable salutation is usually Ladies and Gentlemen.

Communication Consultants, Inc.

230 Saratoga NW, Atlanta, GA 30303-203

Mobile phone: 404-555-0814

Fernkopie: 404-505-0134

September twenty seven, 2012

Piedmont Environmental Safeguard Services

Focus Ms. Evelyn Grant

6060 St . Anthony Street

Charlotte now, NC 28287-6078

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Environmentally friendly Protection Company has said to perform a letter-writing workshop for personnel inside the Piedmont place. The workshop is slated for August 8, 2012 through March 12, 2012 at the Belvedere Plaza in Charlotte.

Please send me clones of your letterhead and a press release about your recommended letter structure by October 4, 2012. The Company will reimbursement your posting expenses.

Seriously yours,

Allen M. Kelly

Allen Meters. Kelly

Advertising Manager




The subject line can be below where you type in the e-mail treat (es). It briefly describes the nature of the message

Advice when using SUBJECT MATTER LINES.

Type the gist of your page in all uppercase characters, either flush left or focused. Be succinct on one collection. If you type a Research Line (3), consider if you really need this kind of line.

The Subject Series may be keyed in all capital letters or in capital and lowercase letters.

Drake Petroleum Co.

1411 Primary Street

Titusville, PA 16354-4411


[email protected] petro. com

September twenty seven, 2012

Every Employees:


Starting October 1, all business office personnel works a four-day week. The hours will be from several: 30 a. m. right up until 4: 31 p. m. with one hour for lunchtime.

If you use childcare facilities inside the Norris building, please talk about this timetable with Brian Jones, childcare supervisor. Mr. Jones have to know the number of kids who will take in breakfast inside the cafeteria.

Lynn Stafford

Lynn Stafford,

Human Resources overseer


Housing Notation

This kind of line tells the reader to look in the envelope for more. It truly is located following the reference initials and is generally there to indicate that another item is enclosed, such as a great attachment a special notation at the end of a notice that indicates that an item(s) is included while using letter, usually the word.

Advice when using HOUSING NOTATION.

Type the singular for only one enclosure, plural for more. Understand what enclose anything at all, skip it.

City Mall


Blackhawk Mall• P. U. Box 7700

Wilmington, SOBRE 19803-7700

Phone: 302. 5iphon scam. 0110/Fax: 302. 555. 0110

September twenty seven, 2012

Mr. Robert Samuel Brooks

4911 Mayfield Highway

Newark, DE 19713-4911

Dear Mr. Brooks:

You have been approved for any City Department Store charge account. To stimulate your surrounded CDS Benefit Card, contact our credit rating security range at 1-800-555-0196. Once your card is usually activated, you may begin employing your CDS Worth Card immediately.

Safeguard Your own, the encased booklet, describes our credit terms on pages 3 through 6 pages several through twelve offer recommendations on how to employ your credit properly. For...