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 Essay in Fragmentation of Society Essay in Fragmentation of Society

Fragmentation of Society

In " The Fragmentation of Social Life” by M. Stanley Eitzen, he points out how at this time many people are in their prime. Everything is certainly going well for them but what they don't realize is definitely the problem the society is facing as a whole; that problem being the fragmentation of social your life. He categorizes the way society is fragmented, into 4 parts. First, being the excessive individuality, followed by heightened personal seclusion, widening cash flow and prosperity gap and the deepening racial/ethnic/religious/sexuality divide. Though his debate toward society is very the case, what he does is usually he generalizes the world as the full. He especially doesn't consider the alternative factors for someone who may be has abnormal individualism and heightened personal isolation.; yet his argument towards the extending gap among poverty and wealth and the divide is incredibly true and fragmented since it is at times unavoidable. The 1st factor that contributes to fragmentation is excessive individualism. Individualism is considered to independent including times self-fish; only contemplating what will benefit us and never considering how others would be affected. Eitzen states how as People in the usa, it is in our economic system to become individualistic, " we are self-reliant and responsible for our actions” (564) and concludes how being individual promotes inequality towards the drawback. Excessive individuality doesn't necessarily entirely promote inequality; I agree that with individuality the advantages just think of themselves and now just how those listed below them are afflicted. Eitzen argues how Conservatives wanted to reduced the costs of income taxes so even more individuals will benefit as well as the government would receive significantly less; but in doing so he says how in the event that that happens the disadvantages end of getting less rewards. From my own understanding, I concluded that this individual states how a advantages could receive even more when the drawbacks are actually one who...