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There are a few problems in the United States that many of us happen to be talking about daily. One of those main issues that are being talked about is foodstuff in our world. But much more specific than that, most are talking about how the fast food market has affected and afflicted our world. There is a wide range of history of just how fast food is. There were a lot of internet marketers many years ago that realized that going into the fast food cycle would bring them great income (Levenstein 229). Some not merely went after the food people liked to enjoy, but as well where specifically they started out their business. The author Harvey Levensteing tells us that one of the extremely successful business owners, Ray Kroc from Burger king, went following the areas where there were more family members with kids, and just that helped him become more successful than other folks (229). And so other than a number of smart fellas knowing what market to get involved and being extremely effective, there are many techniques these people make the junk food industry influence our world in a number of ways. We all live in america and since we all have been humans we have to make time to consume, whether it is at your home or anywhere outside of home, we have to eat. If so, we all have experienced or been with us the take out industry. Fast food is a developing industry that has had a enormous impact inside our society today, with its quick service, the convenience of drive through, as well as cheaper means of mass production, it has built us Americans see meals in a different way.

America now in days is known to want and still have everything as fast as we can own it. We People in america, have become into it of head that if perhaps things go faster then simply everything will be better. Just like I have said previously, small business owners saw might took advantage of it quickly. It has been searched that people will be relying even more on food that isn't prepared at home to get meals when you're not residence and even if you are home (Sharkey et 's. 1). One of...

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