A three-year-old Faith Driving school has become the first to be accredited by the Canadian Association of School and College Associations (CAASCA).

Faith Driving School (FDS) is located in the west-end neighbourhood of Belmont, near the site of the Belmont Driving School.

It has two full-time drivers and one part-time driver.

“We are thrilled to receive accreditation from CAASCA,” said Doreen Carver.

It means the students are in a safe and comfortable environment.

The school is accredited by CAASDA, the Association of Canadian Schools and Colleges, and is one of two in the country that are accredited by both the Accreditation Council of Motor Vehicles (ACMV) and the National Accreditation Body for School Boards and School Administrators (NABSA).

“The FDS program is a fantastic program for students who want to drive safely and efficiently and also for their parents,” said Carver in a statement.

FDS was founded by Carver and her husband, Dale Carver of Belfort, Ont., who is a former driver for the Canadian Armed Forces.

They said they are grateful for the support from the community and hope that other drivers will also become part of their family.

“I would like to thank the school community for the great support they have given our family during our journey,” said Dale Carvers wife.

“They have given us so much support and encouragement.

We love this program and want to continue to support the program for many years to come.””FDS is an amazing program for our children.

It provides them with the chance to become drivers and we hope this will inspire other parents to join us in our drive for safe driving,” said Faith Carver’s mother, Karen.

Belmont School and Career Center co-ordinator Mike Carver said he is pleased to see faith-based drivers participating in the program.

We have always been a strong supporter of faith driven driving programs, especially since our first year in the business, Carvets family said.

For more information on the FDS, visit www.belmontdrivingschool.ca or contact Carver at 1-855-978-1221.