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The essence technology is usually to make goods in a mass for less costly prices and increased top quality. The current technologies have obtained a part of that, but the production technology are at macro level. The future lies in manufacturing merchandise right from the molecular level. Research with this direction started way back in eighties. At that time manufacturing at molecular and atomic level was laughed about. But due to advent of nanotechnology we have noticed it to some level. One such product created is SUPPLEMENT CAMERA, which is used for the treating cancer, ulcer and low blood count. It has manufactured revolution in neuro-scientific medicine. This tiny pills can go through our body, with out causing virtually any harm. We certainly have made great progress that manufactures products. Searching back by where we stand at this point, we began from flint knives and stone equipment and reached the stage where all of us make these kinds of tools with additional precision than ever. The jump in technology is great however it is not going to end here. With this present technology we make products simply by casting, milling, grinding, chipping and the likes. With these technologies we have produced more things cheaper and increased precision than in the past. In the produce of these products we have been arranging atoms in great thundering statistical herds. All of us find out manufactured items are made from atoms. The properties of those goods depend on just how those atoms are set up. If we piece together atoms in dirt, normal water and surroundings we get lawn. The next step in manufacturing technology should be to manufacture goods at molecular level. The technology accustomed to achieve It will require pictures of your intestine and transmits the

same for the receiver in the Computer evaluation of our digestive tract. This process may help in monitoring any kind of disease related to digestive system. Also we certainly have discussed the drawbacks of PILL CAMERA and how these types of drawbacks may be overcome using Grain measured motor and bi -directional wireless telemetry capsule.


We have built great improvement in manufacturing goods. Looking backside from in which we stand now, we started by flint knives and natural stone tools and reached the stage in which we generate such tools with more accuracy than ever. The leap in technology is fantastic but it is not going to stop here. With our present technology we all manufacture items by sending your line, milling, mincing, chipping and so on. With these types of technologies we have made more and more at a lower cost and greater accurate than ever before. In the manufacture of those products we have been arranging atoms in wonderful thundering statistical herds. Many of us know manufactured products are manufactured from atoms. The properties of the people products rely upon how these atoms happen to be arranged. Whenever we rearrange atoms in dirt, water and air we get grass. The next measure in manufacturing technology is to produce products for molecular level. The technology used to accomplish manufacturing by molecular level is ВіNANOTECHNOLOGYВґ. Nanotechnology is a creation of useful components, devices and system through manipulation of such tiny matter (nanometer). Nanotechnology handles objects scored in nanometers. Nanometer could be visualized while billionth of any meter or perhaps millionth of the millimeter another problem is that it can often be 1/80000 breadth of human being hair.

Imagine a supplement pill-sized camera that could traverse your body taking photos, helping diagnose a problem which doctor recently would have identified only through surgery. No longer is such technology the stuff of technology fiction films.

Existing System:

Currently, standard method of finding abnormalities in the intestines is usually through endoscopic examination by which doctors enhance a opportunity down into the tiny intestine via the mouth. Nevertheless , these scopes are unable to reach through all of the 20-foot-long tiny intestine, and thus provide just a partial view of that portion of the bowel. With the help of pill camera not only can diagnoses come in for certain conditions routinely...