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Education has always been an important concern in the Philippines and it seems that the crisis in this area has become worse over time. Lately, problems just like shortage in classrooms, educational tools and supplies are becoming very noticeable in public colleges. Low funding, poverty as well as the current financial crisis are cited as the reason why behind the academic problems confronted by the country. Add to that the yearly tuition hikes in private schools, colleges and universities, making it harder for Filipino families to afford quality education. These continuous problems in education will be posing a serious threat intended for the Filipinos to become competitive in the global market. Some time ago, news applications such as twenty-four Oras and Saksi exposed how the shortage of classrooms provides affected the Filipino pupils. Many public schools in Quezon Metropolis, Paranaque and other cities in Manila make an effort to squeeze in 60 learners or more within a classroom. In Munoz-Palma High School, some is held within the corridors, stairwells, gymnasiums, and school lounges because all the classes are completely occupied (Mydans, 2009, doble. 9-13). Various other schools, such as Balibago Nationwide High School in Laguna, integrated double periods to prevent overcrowding. According into a statement by simply Juan Miguel Luz, a former undersecretary of education, the federal government has already implemented the project of building classrooms in 2006, but since of 2009 there is nonetheless a shortage of 27, 124 classrooms throughout the Philippines (Mydans, par. 8). One main factor that was mentioned as the cause of overcrowding in public places schools may be the expensive college tuition in private schools. As the tuition in non-public schools carry on and increase, particularly in extra level, increasingly more students have to transfer to public schools. In 2005, statistics showed the fact that enrollment charge in non-public schools possess dropped to 21% in the 62% charge back in 65. Public colleges, on the other hand, that has 38% registration rate just before, now have...

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