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Exporting Medical Syringes to Singapore

 Exporting Medical Syringes to Singapore Dissertation Exporting Medical Syringes to Singapore Dissertation

Executive Synopsis


Medical Syringe Company. is one of the top rated leading providers of medical syringes to hospitals and clinics. We manufacture bulb syringes, Catheter Tip Syringes (feeding pipe syringe), Curled Tip Syringes, Feeding/ mouth medication syringes, and insulin syringes. We all also production syringe and needle blends as well.

Target Market

We intend to develop the markets in Singapore. Based on the State Section, there is very much opportunity to foreign trade into Singapore. Generally, federal government accounts for the majority of the healthcare acquisitions for the. We want to enter the Singapore market since we have viewed recent increases in diabetes cases. Info that was launched by Intercontinental Diabetes Federation at its nineteenth world congress, showed that Singapore placed second amongst countries for individuals on the brink of having diabetes. " Regarding 250, 000 people in Singapore are estimated to suffer from diabetes. The Atlas, released yesterday, predicts that by next year, it will have 246 mil people with diabetes worldwide. This will likely jump to 380 million by 2025. ” (Straits Times, Singapore 2006). This kind of creates a need for suppliers to deliver more insulin syringes. As increasing numbers of cases of diabetes arises, patients can look to our syringes to help conserve their lives. These patients are what drives each of our demand. To get a picture showing how large there operation is they account 80 percent of the total number of hospital beds in the area. Singapore will not likely run out of demand since they the have access to a large number of neighboring countries as well. Singapore cares for patients in Malaysia, Brunei, Dalam negri, Thailand as well as the Philippines. Human population abundance demand drives the Singapore medical market. That they call this medical travel – Thailand and Malaysia are big competitors – Singapore may need to focus on a specialty section. Opportunity

The largest player widely used of health-related supplies intended for Singapore's very own government. They have focused on building structures to aid with Medical Supply string in the country. In respect to Singapore's government, they need to expand their market progress in as well as healthcare coming from 1% to 3% by simply 2012. You will find 134 federal government hospitals in the country (Star, The Peoples Paper, 2007). Presently there areThey include 23 place hospitals and 6 specialty centers that cater to 500 million people in Southeast Asia. Singapore's Their govt is concentrated on medical technology as well as the medical industry by itself, which leaves a lot of room to get growth in the coming years. Projected Final result

We believe that we get laid out the correct groundwork to have a successful impact in medical service to Singapore. Our team provides put forth the correct plans in regards to our links, logistics, and requirements intended for exportation. For these reasons, we believe that people will greater than a 15% revenue. Based on our projected salary statement, we will have in least a 19% enhance on revenue in a couple of years. Our projected income assertion is examined based on expense from intercontinental and domestic cost. Set and varying cost were applied to the income statement, we see a growth of $637, 331. 00. That is nearly double from 2007 affirmation.

Situation and Opportunity

The prosperous country of Singapore can definitely constitute their particular success for their remarkable organization judgments. Inside the positive subject material, Singapore's import and export of products and agricultures has turned a huge impact around the economy. Because the country techniques toward a long-term goals there is a wonderful need for unprocessed trash to meet the criteria of the growing population. The fast developing population needs exceeds items, which add up to the gross annual growth charge of eight percent a year on imports. Singapore is among the most sophisticated economic climate in Southeast Asia; the government and citizens are confident they are going to continue to do well. The offers economical and politics stability to their citizens and foreign investors with few...

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I are not discovering very much in the way of citing respected sources of data. You need to strengthen your strategy and discussion with facts and figures that are certain to this industry- look at, look at medical schools or perhaps journals that address the Singapore industry – consider looking at content that addresses Singapore's discuss of the " medical tourism” market.. You should also try to work on the grammar and remove redundant verbage

Overall Recommendation

Define the chance broadly (which you have done)– boil this down to a market segment and explore that market part – offering enough details so that all of us (the viewers or readers) feel as if you could have become experts on this subject – which will wont consider much mainly because non-e of us really understand this topic well – but it appears you have a bit more work to accomplish before it can be convincing.