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Romulo Bernas, 35, works as staff assistant of Prime Delivery, Inc. Just before this task, he was Getting Manager of the rattan organization of his in-laws, although because of a disagreement with his father-in-law, he quit the job. His wife, nevertheless , has stored her situation in the rattan business because liaison officer between Manila and the stock site. Mister. Bernas receives a salary of Php20, 1000 a month which can be enough to support his three children, mail them to a Catholic grammar school, and help defray the rehabilitation and medical expense of his dad under treatment for alcohol dependency. There is no set job information for Mr. Bernas's location in the agency. He studies directly to the manager and does odd careers for him. He likewise works closely with Mr. Narciso who had been a member with the NPA ahead of becoming a bodyguard of a presidential candidate closely linked with the Bureau of Persuits. The politician was in charge of Mr. Narciso's getting the position. Through the by using a Mr. Narciso, Mr. Bernas is able to adjust well to his task. Through his help and contacts this individual gets along well with other office employees and the " kargadors” with the pier. They will share many common values, foremost of these is the concern for minimal privileged of society. Within a span of the year, Mr. Bernas contains a number of accomplishments to his credit. Besides acquiring new business for the agency, he is able to put up a tiny cooperative canteen for work employees and " kargadors”. He even introduces an innovative system, expert evaluation and evaluation and evaluation of superiors by subordinates, which will though unwanted at the beginning by superiors, is actually gaining acknowledgement. Now, Mr. Bernas is assigned the work of putting some buy and program in the packing and unloading of shipments at the pier. He features on-the-spot remark, and so for some days and nights, this individual moves surrounding the pier, seeing and studying the actions of vans and people, the shifts of " kargadors” and the digesting of...