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Subject 1: Identify a classmate or friend you frequently meet or perhaps met. I have a lot of good friends, but Tam is among my best friends. This individual comes from Ellie Dong District, Hung Yen province. He is the person who can share all kinds of difficulties and happiness is obviously. Not only is usually he useful, but as well he is smart. He is likewise good at equally teaching English language and applying computers. My spouse and i first attained him whenever we were in Hai Duong teachers' schooling colleage. Though we are living far from each other, I often contact with him by e-mail, chatting, or perhaps phone calls. At times, on activities I arrive his family and so truly does he. We frequently talk to the other person about us, hobbies and work. Were really good friends.

Topic a couple of: Describe an average holiday in your country.

In our country, there are quite lots of different holidays yearly, but in my estimation, I think Tet holiday is among the most typical getaway for most Thai people. Nevertheless we can live or work far from our family, we nonetheless try to get with each other at Tet. Tet getaways often occur in late January or early February. It is a good chance for us to have days off and also have time to go to relatives or friends intended for giving all the best and best wishes to each other. For some people who are abundant, they can go on a trip someplace in Viet nam or perhaps in overseas countries to enjoy Tet vacations.

Topic three or more: Describe your favorite festival or perhaps celebration.

I have some festivities to celebrate and some festivals to savor every year. Nevertheless , for me, my own wedding special event is the most important the one that I remember. I think it is the special party for not simply me, although also my spouse to remember the time we started our new happy life. The celebration typically happens in March annually. On this occasion, we often have a tiny party and offer gifts to each other. This special event helps us live even more happily and strengthen the love.

Theme 4: Explain an electric item that is crucial to you. Within our modern life, every single item performs important and various roles. Yet , in my watch, I suppose that my notebook computer is the most important factor. My laptop computer isn't too expensive, but I really like it greatly. Not only does it help me within my work, yet also it assists me unwind a lot. It might store essential documents and helps me to arrange for work effectively. Moreover, I can browse newspapers, pay attention to music, watch movies or send out e-mails and chat with my local freinds by using it. I think it's really a close friend of mine.

Topic five: Describe some thing you use for your work or perhaps studies. One of the important things which I often make use of for my own work or studies is usually my book. It doesn't require lots ofd money, yet it' seriously helpful. My spouse and i often utilize it to look up new words and phrases or terms whenever I need it. I do believe it's the most critical thing that English learners must purchased it.

Topic six: Describe a famous food from your home town or region. I think the sticky grain cake is among the most famous foods which the majority of Vietnamese people clearly understand and like. It's called by the identity " Banh Chung" by simply Northern persons. It has a rectangular shape which can be covered with green leaves and gross rice, coffee beans, pork, potatoes, salt inside. Vietnamese people like this wedding cake because not merely it's yummy, but it is also a special wedding cake that is liked at Tet holidays. I like this wedding cake, too.

Topic 7: Describe an item of clothing that you often have on.

For all my own clothes My spouse and i own. I love my reddish colored striped tee shirt most. It' s not simply fashionable, although also it has a special that means. My wife provided me that shirt on the occasion of my 35th birthday. We often wear it when I go to weddings, get-togethers or anytime I am in good mood. I enjoy it.

Subject 8: Describe the transport system within a place you already know about. At present, the transport system within our country is developing quite fast. During my neighbourhood, there are plenty of popular ways of transport including: motorbikes, bicycles, taxis, vehicles, but vehicles are the many popular...