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AE-100Midterm Exam, Alignment Component, Land 2012


•This mid-term exam is due by midnight Friday March 19th, through Blackboard. •This exam will probably be worth 100 items.

•You might use any and all assets in completing the exam. •Answers must be entered, double-spaced file format and connect the completed midterm like a submission to Blackboard. Palm written answers will not be acknowledged. •Be sure to answer all parts of virtually any question.

1 ) Keys to Success described eight Multiple Intelligences. Within the Teamwork handout you listed the Multiple Intelligences for yourself. Describe the team's Multiple Intelligences and explain the things you see or if you team's abilities and failings when in the years ahead on the course project, how can their pros and cons be effective for your group? End up being specific. The answer must be about three or more paragraphs in length. (30 points)

2 . Right now consider how being deductive versus creative in the workplace differs? At what time shall you be creative, and what restrictions must you comply with to make this work? What needs to be deemed? How could getting creative become dangerous? The answer should be about 3 paragraphs long. (20 points)

3. The LASSI project identified the TWO lowest score sets. How have you ever worked on your two lowest score models thus far? What approach maybe you have taken to support strengthen your weaknesses? Have you seen any change? Have you utilized any solutions on campus to help you enhance your weaknesses? The answer must be about three or more paragraphs long. (30 points)

4. Exactly what does being specialist and preserving ethics mean to you? You may have been advised the importance of both elements for work and school, but how can you implement these people? How do you uphold professionalism, while being moral in the same sense? You could provide an sort of a situation you could have had to work together with to better explain your response. Your solution should be about 3 sentences in length. (20 points)