– In the midst of a raging debate about parental involvement in driving, an American driving school in Pennsylvania has issued a statement saying it opposes any attempt by parents to restrict the education of young drivers.

In an editorial posted on the school’s website Friday, the driving school argues parents have the right to determine the quality of the educational experience and that any efforts to limit the curriculum should be viewed as “dangerous and unproductive.”

“As a driving school that prides itself on being the world’s foremost center for driving instruction, we believe the parents of drivers have the authority to determine what curriculum and education is appropriate for their child,” the editorial reads.

“This does not mean that we should be the ones to set the curriculum, but rather that we can make informed decisions to make sure our students are receiving the very best instruction we can offer.”

The school’s board of trustees, made up of about 100 members of the community, met in Pittmann on Thursday and discussed a proposal to institute a 24-hour driving instruction center in the neighborhood.

The center would serve as a hub for instructors who want to train drivers in the U.S., as well as for students who are interested in driving in the country.

The idea has been floated before, but never implemented.

It has sparked criticism that it is being used to train driving instructors who may not actually drive.

“As the driving world evolves, the demand for driving instructors and training drivers for the 21st century driving world is increasing exponentially,” the board wrote in its editorial.

“We must not be in the position of making changes to driving curricula that are not needed to meet the needs of our students and to keep driving in a safer, more prosperous world.”