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Do You Want to Get Married in the American Approach

 Essay in Do You Want to Get Married in the American Way Essay in Do You Want to Get Married in the American Way

" I actually do. " To Americans those two phrases carry great meaning. They can even make life. Specifically if you say all of them at your own wedding. Producing wedding promises is like putting your signature on a contract. At this point Americans don't really think matrimony is a organization deal. Although marriage can be serious organization. It all commences with proposal. Traditionally, a young man requires the father of his sweetheart for authorization to marry her. In case the father confirms, the man later on proposes to her. Often he tries to surprise her by simply " swallowing the question" in a romantic way. Sometimes the few just decides together the time is correct to marry. The man usually gives his fiancГ©e a diamond ring as a symbol with their engagement. They may be engaged pertaining to weeks, months or even years. As the best day methods, bridal showers and college parties give many beneficial gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life. Finally it's coming back the wedding. Although most weddings follow long-held traditions, discover still place for American individualism. For instance , the usual place for a marriage is in a church. But some people get married outdoors in a scenic spot. A few even have the ceremony while sky-diving or riding about horseback! The couple may possibly invite a huge selection of people or simply a few good friends. They select their own type of colors, decorations and music during the service. But some items rarely change. The bride-to-be usually dons a beautiful, long white bridal gown. She usually wears " something older, something new, anything borrowed the other blue". The groom would wear a formal fit or tuxedo. Several buddies participate in the ceremony as attendants, such as best man and the bridesmaid As the ceremony starts, the bridegroom and his family and friends stand together with the minister, facing the audience. Music signals the entrance of the bride's family and friends, followed by the beautiful bride. Nervously, the young couple repeats their...