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Business Integrity

Ramona Alexander graduated close to the top of her category in the Freedom University MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION program, and she was recruited simply by several national companies. Among those companies was Next Step Herbal Health. Next Step manufactures and sells several herbal products, health food, and natural health supplements. It was just lately featured in Forbes Journal as one of the most effective growing corporations in America. Ramona was invited to attend a weekend-long " Get to Know Us” event for Next Step's headquarters in Seattle, Washington with all expenditures paid simply by Next Step. She eagerly recognized the request. While soaking in the Lynchburg, Virginia airport terminal awaiting her flights to Seattle, Ramona decided to do some online study about Next Step. Most of the content touted the fantastic financial results the company was producing. One particular article discussed how Next thing sent research workers around the world looking for new organic sources. One other article comprised an interview with Next Step's founder and CEO speaking about the CEO's " mission” to create a much healthier America and about the company's industry-leading ethics code. Another content, however , described how the founder and CEO had a design of starting new businesses, building them up and then selling them by a huge profit before moving forward to something different. There was likewise an article that talked about just how Next Step was a big factor to Organized Parenthood, the ACLU, and various accelerating causes. Ramona also found a " gripe site” that charged Next Step of various questionable organization practices, such as forced obtain tie-in negotiating with its suppliers. This practice required suppliers to purchase established amounts of products with repayment in advance, regardless of distributors' real sales. It also required vendors to purchase established amounts of less popular products in the event that they wanted to purchase the widely used products. The internet site argued that these practices experienced helped drive many...