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Devox Shoes WAC

 Devox Shoes WAC Essay Devox Shoes WAC Essay

п»їProblem Declaration

A customer is facing difficulty in convincing regarding the problems together with the shoes this individual have bought, however, not able to receive any suitable response this individual should be get as a customer at Devox shoes and sportswear. As well Devox shoes and sportswear is not able to give a quick response due to insufficient management generally there.

Case Brief summary

In this case, Mr. Oberoi, a customer, has a problem with a sneakers bought from Devox shoes and sportswear, who went to store to return this. At the shop he had a conversation with Rahul, an executive who is not able to provide an appropriate respond to him as a result of that quarrelling manner Mr Oberoi spoken with him. Also Mister Oberoi forced him to trust upon the statement he has made regarding the product. So further he has phrase with Mister. Sharma, the manager with the show area, tried to see some option in a manner which in some way make a client satisfied. Mr Sharma likewise tried to express the problem took place due to misunderstanding between Mr oberoi and Rahul, and additional he contacted the same to Mr Khare, the general supervisor at sales. Mr Sharma, in change with Mister khare, adviced to respond the consumer as much this individual has covered the particular merchandise. He adviced to Mr Sharma that if a customer is of Rs 1000 or perhaps less than decline him to take that shoes and boots back, and if he is Rs 5000 buyer than react him by simply exchanging his shoes with a new pair.

Recommended Solution

After analysing the case, there are several solutions might be proposed as stated below: The Devox Sneakers and Sportswear should offer an exchange with a new pair of shoes in order to maintain their goodwill in the market at the same time, and not to lose the customer intended for future. Since it is clearly visible that as a result of lack of managing both, a client and organization have to await some more days and had to convey to the higher supervision for the concerned difficulty. So they have to have pre-decided details of the...