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Nationwide Optical Nutritional fibre Network

 Essay upon National Optical Fibre Network Essay upon National Optical Fibre Network

п»їNational Optical Fiber Network


The way persons use the Internet today creates a superb demand for very high bandwidth: Increasingly more workers are telecommuting. Customers watch multiple HDTV channels, often upon several TVs in the same household concurrently. They publish and download multimedia documents and employ bandwidth-hungry peer-to-peer services. They will play online games that demand high rates and instant reactivity. Web 2. 0-based residential areas and hosted services such while social networking sites and wikis will be pervasive, fostering interactivity, effort and data-sharing while generating a need intended for capacity. Taking optical fiber to every residence is the defined response to this sort of demands pertaining to greater bandwidth.

High speed is a instrument for bettering the life of men and women by providing cost-effective and equitable access to information and understanding. For individuals, internet connection has immediate impact on all their day to day lifestyle and habit. For claims, it enormously contributes to trade and generation of employment.

The National Optic Fibre Network (NOFN) is a task to provide broadband connectivity to two lakh (200, 000) Gram Panchayats of India at an expense of Rs. 20, 500 crore ($4 billion). This could ensure high speed connectivity with adequate band width. NOFN Job will bridge connectivity difference between Gps device and Prevents. The task provides net access using existing optical fibers and extending that to the Gram panchayats.  NOFN has the probability of transform aspects worth considering of our lives including video, data, internet, telephone services in areas such as education, business, entertainment, environment, well being households and e-governance services. Project to be implemented by simply NOFN‐SPV(Special Goal Vehicle) namely Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) but it will surely use the functions of three prominent telecommunications PSUs to implement the project. The project will probably be funded by the Universal Services Obligation Fund (USOF) and...