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This past week I attended a classical concert that the Music Department of WKU place on. The one We went to view was the Attache Studio Actuacion performed by the WKU Broche Choir and Trombone Square. The performers performed 20 different pieces by many several classical composers which include: Sonata for Bass Trombone, Entente in N Minor, Package for 4 Trombones, and Morceau Symphonique. The overall performance of Te deum was truly an amazing experience and was my favorite part of the live performance. The piece started out keyboard: or smooth. With a very slow beat. During the entire part, the Chorus sang with no any audio instruments, numerous different amounts of pitches inside their voices. With a combined refrain of Altos, Tenors, and Sopranos. The next piece I would like to talk about can be Coral of Bells. It absolutely was another great piece of work done by the chorus. Throughout the piece the chorus started of in an exceedingly staccato method or a incredibly short, unattached style without musical musical instruments, then sounds got even louder and bigger, then right back to gentle again. The mixture of voice tones and melody helped bring the item of music jointly to make this very very good and easy to hear. The other piece that I am going to speak about is This Little Babe. Women chorus associates sang this song using a piano. It absolutely was a very deafening piece of music. With very definable pauses so that they can take breathes seeing as how they were singing in a very staccato form. The tempo was not quickly nor sluggish but a steady walking speed or crescendo. Then additional to the end of the live show they sang Night of Peace and quiet which was a okay bit of music but is not my cup of tea. It looked like as though at times men might take control and over electricity the female noises. The texture was definitely polyphonic with imitation because of this I think is the reason that Some like the piece. Overall My spouse and i give this kind of concert a very good rating. And i also would suggest one to go and take a listen closely if that they ever decide to put on the concert again.