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Component 10 Flying Legislation

 Module 15 Aviation Legal guidelines Essay Module 15 Aviation Legal guidelines Essay

п»їModule 10. Aviation Legislation

twelve. 1 . Regulatory Framework.

Issue Number. 1 ) A sign-up of airlines operating on an AOC can be maintained by the. Option A. ICAO.

Choice B. CAA.


Appropriate Answer is definitely. CAA.

Explanation. Nil.

Question Quantity. 2 . What category of plane are 'break-in' markings essential?. Option A. All community transport aircraft above 2300Kg. Option M. All general public transport airplane above 5700Kg. Option C. All aircraft registered in britain.

Appropriate Answer is usually. All plane registered in the UK. Explanation. Nil.

Question Amount. 3. A Part-145 endorsement covers. Option A. bottom maintenance.

Option N. the major part of the organisation.

Option C. only series maintenance.

Correct Response is. bottom maintenance.

Explanation. The part-145 business covers All the organisation, and not just line repair.

Question Amount. 4. Intended for UK authorized aircraft, components must be. Choice A. preserved by a part-145 approved company. Option B. any appropriately approved business. Option C. maintained with a part-145 accepted organisation authorized in the UK. Appropriate Answer is. maintained by a part-145 approved organisation registered in the UK. Or any type of appropriately approved organisation. Justification. The question is not specific about the 'type' of airplane (light or heavy).

Issue Number. a few. Aircraft made abroad, although registered in britain. Option A. can soar with a great export C of A.

Option W. must have a C of your issued in the UK before it may fly. Alternative C. can fly which has a foreign C of A.

Correct Response is. can easily fly using a foreign C of A. Explanation. It can travel with a overseas C of your providing it is issued a CAA approval certificate.

Question Number. 6th. To assist in a fix, a drawing can be obtained from. Option A. the CAA.

Alternative B. the manufacturer.

Option C. a part-145 business.

Appropriate Answer is. the manufacturer.

Explanation. The drawing must originate from an enterprise with Design Approval. The particular manufacturer instantly has that.

Question Amount. 7. Documents to be continued a specific plane for a specific purpose is given in. Option A. BCAR Section A and M.

Alternative B. JAR-OPS.

Alternative C. AOC.

Appropriate Answer is. JAR-OPS.

Explanation. Nil.

Question Amount. 8. Secure operation in the aircraft may be the responsibility from the. Option A. part-M organisation.

Option B. owner.

Option C. operator.

Correct Solution is. user.

Description. That's the purpose of the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

Question Number. 9. The period of validity of a License of Exercise for Trip under 'A' Conditions is definitely. Option A. 7 days.

Choice B. 1 flight.

Option C. 2 days and nights.

Correct Answer is. 1 week.

Explanation. BCAR Section A/B3-8.

Question Quantity. 10. The facts of type of a particular airplane can be found exactly where?. Option A. The Maintenance Manual.

Choice B. The Declaration of Design and gratification.

Option C. EASA Recognition Specification 25. Correct Solution is. The Declaration of Design and gratification. Explanation. Zero.

Question Number. 11. The validity of the EASA permit to take flight is. Alternative A....