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Prosecutors Situation

Ethical Concern: Prosecutors

Representatives Nixon and Rook made a decision to arrest the husband for driving while impaired. He is taken to the station for control. During processing, the husband can be visibly upset. He maintains mumbling to himself and rocking backwards and forwards in his chair. His partner comes to the station and reports that her hubby had a lot of bad experiences while in Somalia. The lady requests that he be allowed to return residence with her after digesting. The police representatives, already by the end of their move, readily concur.

Expert Rook is definitely designated to write down the statement and deliver it towards the prosecutor's business office. P. Ross Acute is the issuing deputy district attorney. He can reviewing this kind of police report to decide if to file charges against the partner. The survey accurately describes the facts. When he is researching the statement, Officer Nixon comes into his office.

Officer Nixon tells the prosecutor the police record had been wrongly dropped off before being signed off by a supervisor, which is required underneath city plan and techniques. Officer Nixon swaps the prior report for a new report, explaining the fact that new report was authorized off with a supervisor which is more complete.

D. D. A. Acute notes that the key difference between the old and new studies is that this states the officers seen the husband generating and then parking the blue station truck as the patrol car pulled up on the residence.

What should the prosecutor do?